April 9th 2014

Herbert delivers news to commuters

Last week we started hacking a new iOS app that we are going to release in a couple weeks time. We are a team of product developers and designers with a focus on mobile applications in Berlin.

Herbert is a new reading app that reduces all the work you currently have with reading apps. Reading apps basically are to-do lists. We turned this fact around and deliver your personal zines based on your time and interests. We curate the news sources and you tell us how much reading material you want to have.

Every zine is available offline. You can even create a zine when you are offline and as soon as we catch a connection, we will push it to you.

Herbert iPhone Mockups

In the future we will let you connect with services like Pocket or Instapaper as well.

So how do you get this app? No problem, just subscribe to our mailing list and we will tell you when it’s out there. We also gonna pick out some subscribers for the beta test.

We are really excited about this little app and we hope you are too. Thanks for your interest.

The gang Jens, Ricki, Ole & Herbert

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